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Mazworx Hydraulic Release Bearing Kit, Nissan RWD
Price: $535.00
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Mazworx Item #: 10526 -

This hydraulic release bearing kit is used to help aid in clutch engagement, relieve heavy pedal pressure with use of any heavy pressure plate related clutches including twin/triple discs. This also eliminates the factory slave and fork setup. We use the best hydraulic release bearing on the market, Tilton, and the highest grade of lines and fittings. Fits all 7-1/4" clutches and Exedy Multi-Disc clutches

Exedy Multi-Disc Cerametalic SR20 (S13/S14) exedy nh012sd, exedy sr20det, exedy nh013hb, exedy twin disc, exedy triple disc, sr20det twin disc, sr20det triple disc
Price: $1,818.52
Availability: Special Order
Exedy Item #: NM01 -

From high power tuned drag race to street usage, the EXEDY multi plate is capable of handling a variety of motor sport applications.Cerametallic Friction Material Rated at 430 Ft Lbs of torque

Exedy Stage 2 Thick SR20 (S13/S14) exedy 06950b, SR20, SR20DET, S13, S14, S15, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, Kouki, Zenki
Price: $427.16
Availability: Special Order
Exedy Item #: 06950B -

Organic Friction Material Rated at 291 Ft Lbs of torqueBetter heat capacity than Ultra Fiber Organic.Lighter disc assemblies mean less inertia for quicker shifting.3- or 4-pad Designs depending on application.Works well for Street, Rally and Drag

Exedy Stage 1 SR20 (S13/S14) exedy 06803b, SR20, SR20DET, S13, S14, S15, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, Kouki, Zenki
Price: $323.30
Availability: Special Order
Exedy Item #: 06803B -

EXEDY organic racing clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of our Stage 1 clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.Cerametallic Friction Material Rated...

Mazworx S14 Solid Differential Bushings
Price: $32.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10524 x4 -

Stock OEM differential rubber bushings wear out over time. These solid differential bushings helps reduce stress to the driveshaft and axles.

Mazworx Diff Brace, S13/S14
Price: $29.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 1119 -

It is common for the rear subframe to crack during hard launches and aggressive driving. This plate reinforces the rear end of your vehicle. This plate is CNC cut. You will have to weld this on your subframe to strengthen it up.

M&W Pro 14 Ignition
Price: $989.00
Availability: Special Order
M&W Ignitions Item #: PRO-14 -

M&W Pro Ignition boxes are typically used for coil on plug applications. The Pro 14 is used for 4 cylinders with one coil per cylinder. The harness and coils are an option.

Injector Dynamics id2000, id725, id750, id1000, id1300, injector dynamics
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
Injector Dynamics Item #: IDXXXX -

Price is per injector. High Impedance, no need for injector drivers or injector resistors High pressure capability, All injectors will run comfortably at 100psi above 10v, flow will be increased by approximately 50% at 100psi High duty cycle, with a recovery time of only 1ms, all injectors will run up to 92.5% duty cycle at 9k rpm and 95% duty cycle at 6k rpm while maintaining linearity within 1% Excellent low pulsewidth response, linearity within 2% all the way down to 2ms, predictable...

Mazworx S14/S15 SR20 Fuel Rail Kit
Price: $199.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10173 -

This complete fuel rail kit allows you to run a top feed fuel rail on your stock S14/S15 intake manifold. Each fuel rail is precisely CNC machined to fit 14mm x 48mm top feed injectors. The fuel rail allows you to run a factory fuel pressure regulator or equivalent (ex. Nismo Type A) and a fuel pressure gauge. We offer different style kits catered to what you are looking for: The v1 kit comes with a Mazworx -6an fuel rail, IACV spacer (not needed for the Greddy manifold), brackets, bracket...

Mazworx SR Top Feed Fuel Rail -10an
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10171 -

Our top feed fuel rail essentially works with only our SR intake manifolds. However with some custom work, you can make them work in any application. If you are using this fuel rail on a Greddy or equivalent manifold, you will need to weld on the brackets for it to work properly.

Mazworx 2JZ Billet Aluminum Block mazworx, toyota, 2jz, billet 2jz, Supra, 2000hp, drag racing
Price: $9,800.00
Availability: Made to Order
Mazworx Item #: 3021 -

Racing experience has shown that the stock iron block usually only last up to 2000hp. It then splits vertically along the head studs. We have also seen the main caps get loose. To resolve this, we designed this billet block. This block is completely made in house at Mazworx. It features the following: - Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum - Deck height can be raised up to +.400" - Uses 1/2" Head Studs and Main Studs. Optional 9/16"-1/2" Head Studs. - Tunnel will clear a 94mm stroke with aluminum rods -...

Supertech SR20VE Valvetrain Kit supertech, SR20, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR20VVL, 20V, P11, P12, B13, B14, Pulsar, GTiR, FWD, NeoVVL, Sunny
Price: $380.96
Availability: In Stock

This valvetrain kit is for the SR20VE heads except the 20V. Basic kit comes with Titanium Retainers and Dual Valve Springs. Choose your upgrades. For all motor applications, we recommend not going higher than 93lb springs.