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Mazworx SR20 RWD Billet Water Neck Set (w/o thermostat housing)
Price: $125.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10400 -

Mazworx S14/S15 VTC Plug 23796-1N51A
Price: $29.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11180 -

RWD VVL Conversion Timing Pointer
Price: $49.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11185 -

Mazworx SR RWD Rear Block Oil Drain Plug
Price: $12.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11183 -

When installing a FWD head on a RWD block, the FWD head does not have the extra oil drain in the back.  This plug blocks off the the drain hole in the block.  Includes orings. 

Mazworx VE Head Water Neck Block-Off
Price: $19.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11142 -

This blocks off the water line under the intake manifold flange on an SR20VE head.  Oring included.

Mazworx SR Oil Collar Spacer
Price: $15.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10180 -

This coller is needed when using a standard oil coller (1.2" 30.5mm length) and a VE oil pump.  It will go between the timing chain sprocket and oil coller to space it out to engage the oil pump fully.  Machining the damper the thickness of the spacer is required.

Mazworx SR20 Hall Sensor Kit
Price: $449.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10300 -

This is used when running a VVL head on a RWD block.  The wheel installs on the exhaust cam gear and the head has to be machined for the sensor.Mazworx Cam Wheel w/ rare earth magnets installedHall SensorHall Sensor HarnessMazworx Cam Angle Sensor/Distributor block off plugDowel Pin

Mazworx SR20VE RWD Intake Manifold
Price: $1,250.00
Availability: Built to Order 1
Mazworx Item #: 11197 -

Our latest version. Comes with a billet one piece runner section. Standard manifold comes with 4 injector pockets and a single fuel rail. Secondary injector bungs are there with no holes. You can upgrade now or later to 8 injectors and a secondary fuel rail. Fuel rails are -10an. Pick your throttle body flange and IACV flange.Standard manifold comes with a P11 flange. Optional P12 flange available.Nitrous nozzle bungs pre-marked on bottom of runners. A must have for those that are doing the VE...

Mazworx VVL/RWD Conversion Kit
Retail: $2,447.00
Price: $2,324.99
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Mazworx Item #: 10185 -

This is a complete kit needed to bolt a NEO VVL SR16/20VE head onto your RWD SR20DET. Buy everything together and save time and money later. * Additional part maybe needed is the 20V cam angle sensor if you are running a stock ecu. If you are planning to run a aftermarket ecu like AEM, Haltech etc, you can run our hall sensor kit and completely eliminate the cam angle sensor.* * Pictured is with a complete intake manifold. We also have available partial intake manifolds if you want to build...

Mazworx VE/RWD Conversion Oil Pickup
Price: $130.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 15050-VERWD -

This is required when doing a VVL/VE cylinder head conversion. Utilizes a S14 blacktop pickup and a VE oil pickup. The larger inlet tube on the VVL is required for the bigger VVL oil pump.

Mazworx SR FWD Distributor Block-Off
Price: $40.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10305 -

Blocks off the distributor hole on a FWD head.

Mazworx VVL Solenoid Relocation Blocks
Price: $159.99
Availability: Discontinued
Mazworx Item #: 1018 -

These are CNC machined from T-6061 billet aluminum. Required to be used when converting to a VVL head on your RWD SR20. These will move the VVL solenoids away since they will hit the firewall. Complete fittings and lines kit also available. Please check the options if you require the fittings and lines. Black lines and fittings also available.