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Here at Mazworx, we can prep your block to your specifications. Utilizing our CNC capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that the machining process is done properly.  This is a ready-to-assemble sleeved block that has all the necessary machine work done and all the clearances checked.

Each sleeved block will start with the following:

- Hot tank cleaning
- Sand Blasted Block
- R/R Oil Port Plugs
- R/R Block Small Parts
- Oil Grooved Machined
- Darton Sleeves Installed
- Bore & Hone w/ Torque Plate
- Step Decked
- Line Bore

If you plan on sending in your block, we will wait for your block to show up before work is started. If you don't have a block and want to purchase a core, then please select the type of block you want.

Select the bore size you wish. For turbo applications, we suggest limiting the bore to 90mm.

Our boring process is done on a 3-axis CNC machine ensuring bores are on center. From there it goes to the honing machine. We have the latest Sunnen SV-10 cylinder hone with diamond tooling. This is for the ultimate in cylinder finishing.

Oil Pump:
We will need an oil pump in order to surface your block properly. If sending in your pump, it will be disassembled, inspected (if used), cleaned, and reassembled. After disassembling, we bolt the empty pump on the block for surfacing. Then it's cleaned and reassembled. This reduces the chance of debris causing problems later. We do this for all pumps new or used.

When planning on making 400hp, putting sleeves in is a must. Darton Dry Sleeves are made of ductile iron and are able to hold over 1000hp. This process includes the removal of the old sleeves, machining the block for the new sleeves, installation, and step decking.

This process is done on our 3-axis CNC machine.

The surface of the block will be step decked. This is done in our 3-axis CNC machine. We machine the surface so that the sleeve is taller than the deck of the block (also known as a step deck). This concentrates the clamping force around the sleeve to help the head gasket seal under high boost.

Main Studs/Caps and Line Bore:
All our sleeved blocks are line bored. If you want upgraded hardware, then select the Mazworx Main Studs. If you plan to make some serious power, then choose the Billet Main Caps w/ 1/2" Studs. This will include the caps, hardware, 1/2" main stud machining, and line boring.

Our line boring starts with a simple cap grinding. From there it goes into our line boring machine. With our custom tooling, we can bore the main journals within the factory specifications with ease.

Sand Blast Block:
Since these blocks can be over 20 years old, they may start corroding. Sand blasting the block will get the corrosion/debris off, bring a uniform satin aluminum color to the block and give it an overall better look.

R/R Block Small Parts:
This process includes removing and replacing all the freeze plugs, transmission dowel pins, timing chain oil jet, water pipe, and blow by pipe. Parts are included.

R/R Oil Port Plugs:
This process includes removing and re-tapping all the oil port plugs. By taking out the oil port plugs, we are better able to clean all the oil galleys. Plugs are included but not re-installed.

Oil Groove Machining:
The GTi-R and VE blocks come with a groove cut into the upper part of the main journals. This allows you to use a 5-hole main bearing to supply more oil to the mains and ultimately to the rods. 

This is done on our 3-axis CNC machine.

Hone with Torque Plate:
We make all of our torque plates for just about every block we work on. Using a torque plate simulates a cylinder head being bolted on during the honing process. When the motor is actually put back together, the cylinder is as true as it was while in the honing machine. Using the torque plate is a must with sleeves install.

Plug RWD Oil Drain Hole:

If you are putting a VE (FWD) head on a RWD block, you will need this hole plugged. The RWD blocks have an extra oil drain hole that the FWD heads don't have.

1/2" Head Stud Machining:
If you plan on making over 600hp, then we suggest going with 1/2" head studs. In this process we drill out the old threads and re-tap them for our 1/2" head stud kit. We also re-machine the dowel pin locations for the bigger dowels.

This process is done on our 3-axis CNC machine.

Half Fill Water Jacket:
This option is for high boost drag motors that want a little more strength in the block.