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Here at Mazworx, we can prep your block to your specifications. Utilizing our CNC capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that the machining process is done properly. For more understanding of our process, see the additional information section.

You must send your block in as we done with stock cores.

Each prepped block will start with the following:

- Hot tank cleaning
- Darton Sleeves Installed
- Bore & Hone w/ Torque Plate
- Step Decked

Select the bore size you wish.The stock sleeves are limited to 100.5mm while the Darton MID Sleeves are limited to 104mm. Our boring process is done on a 3-axis CNC machine ensuring bores are on center. From there it goes to the honing machine. We have the latest Sunnen SV-10 cylinder hone with diamond tooling. This is for the ultimate in cylinder finishing.


The surface of the block will be step decked. This is done in our 3-axis CNC machine. We machine the surface so that the sleeve is taller than the deck of the block (also known as a step deck). This concentrates the clamping force around the sleeve to help the head gasket seal under high boost. You will need to install new dowels into the block because when they are remove for this process, they are destroyed.

When planning on making high hp or wanting a big bore, putting sleeves in is a must. Darton MID Sleeves are made of ductile iron and are able to hold over 400hp. This process includes the removal of the old sleeves, machining the block for the new sleeves, installation, and step decking. This process is done on our 3-axis CNC machine.

Hone with Torque Plate:
We make all of our torque plates for just about every block we work on. Using a torque plate simulates a cylinder head being bolted on during the honing process. When the motor is actually put back together, the cylinder is as true as it was while in the honing machine. Using the torque plate is a must with sleeves install.

1/2" Head Stud Machining:
If you plan on making over 400hp, then we suggest going with 1/2" head studs. In this process we drill out the old threads and re-tap them for our 1/2" head stud kit. This process is done on our 3-axis CNC machine.