*Mazworx 2jz Prepped Block Pictured.

Price: $19,669.00
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The Ultimate Drag Racing 2JZ Short Block, includes a Stroker rotating assembly. This is the setup that has been 5secs@1/4mile, running close to a 100psi of boost on Methanol.

The Mazworx Drag Racing 2JZ Short Block is built with the following components:

- Mazworx Billet 2JZ Block with Aluminum Main Caps

- Custom Stroker Crank

- Proprietary, Mazworx Sleeving (Darton Sleeves)

- Custom CP Pistons

- .250" wall thickness upgraded Wrist Pins

- GRP Aluminum Rods

- ACL Race Rod and Main Bearings

- Mazworx 1/2"-9/16" L19 Head Stud Kit

- Mazworx/ARP Main Studs and Bolts Kit

- Fully Assembled