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This is a complete kit needed to bolt a NEO VVL SR16/20VE head onto
your RWD SR20DET.

Buy everything together and save time and money later.

* Additional part maybe needed is the 20V cam angle sensor if you are running a stock ecu. If you are planning to run a aftermarket ecu like AEM, Haltech etc, you can run our hall sensor kit and completely eliminate the cam angle sensor.*

* Pictured is with a complete intake manifold. We also have
available partial intake manifolds if you want to build your own upper

Mazworx VVL Solenoid RWD relocation blocks, lines, fittings and bracket

- Mazworx VVL RWD Intake Manifold

- Mazworx -10AN Fuel Rail

- Nissan OEM Oil Pump/Front Cover and Pickup Gasket

- Mazworx modified oil pickup tube

Mazworx VVL RWD water neck and hose

- Mazworx COP (coil on plug) conversion kit

- Mazworx Oil Drain Plug

- Mazworx VVL Conversion Timing Pointer

- Nissan OEM Exhaust Gasket

- Installation Instructions