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Mazworx Shimless SR20VE All Motor Intake & Exhaust Valves
Price: $590.00
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Mazworx Shimless SR20VE Intake and Exhaust Valves are recommended for High RPM All Motor applications. Intake valves: +2.85mm (37mm) x 5.5mm stemExhaust valves: +0.85mm (30mm) s 5.5mm stemRequires 5.5mm retainers and keepers.P11 heads are required to change to 5.5mm guides.Lashing is done by tipping of the valve.Intake seat will need to be replaced with larger ones.

Mazworx 2JZ Engine Bolt Kit SR20, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR20VVL, 20V, P11, P12, B13, B14, Pulsar, GTiR, FWD, NeoVVL, Sunny, SR20, SR20DET, S13, S14, S15, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, Kouki, Zenki, 2JZ, 4B11T, B18C, EJ20, EJ25, H22, K20, K24, RB25, RB26, SR20, VQ35DE, Supra,  WRX, Impreza, EVO, Civic
Price: $79.99
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Complete bolt kit to replace your old hardware while rebuilding your engine. Comes with standard 10.9 hardware.

Mazworx FAVQ Transmission Adapter Kit, FRS/BRZ
Price: $4,999.00
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Mazworx Item #: 60150 -

This kit has already been prototyped and been running in James Martin's 550hp FRS with no issues. Now we are in the final stages of finishing out first production casting. Once we are done and ready to order our first batch of casting, the pre-order pricing will be expired. Call us for more info.This kit comes complete with all you need to upgrade the transmission in your FRS or BRZ. It is known that making over 400hp on the stock trans is certain death. Now we have the solution. The only part...

Mazworx LVG Adapter Kit
Price: $670.00
Availability: Built to Order 1
Item #: 10250 -

This kit allows you to bolt a Z32 transmission to your L20/24/28. This is not a complete solution, so the remaining parts (driveshaft and crossmember) need to be madeThe kit includes:- machine work- hardware- adapter plate- shifter- Shifter bracketYou source the transmission (90-96 NA or TT) and send us the bellhousing. Then we send you back the kit with a machined bellhousing.Please send in bellhousing with the Z32 Transmission Adapter Form. ...

Mazworx SR20VE FWD Intake Manifold
Price: $1,250.00
Availability: Built to Order 1
Mazworx Item #: 11199 -

Our latest version. Comes with a billet one piece runner section.Both P11 and P12 manifolds come standard with 4 injector pockets. 8 injector pockets only available on the P11 version due to the sliim injector port of the P12. Fuel rails are -10an.Pick your throttle body flange. Only comes with VE IACV.Standard manifold comes with a P11 flange. Optional P12 flange available.Nitrous nozzle bungs pre-marked on bottom of runners.Fits both RHD and LHD configurations.Fits 14mm x 60mm...

Mazworx SR20 86mm Stroke Kit  SR20, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR20VVL, 20V, P11, P12, S13, S14, S15, B13, B14, Pulsar, GTiR, FWD, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, NeoVVL, Kouki, Zenki, Sunny
Retail: $2,214.10
Price: $2,099.00
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Mazworx Item #: 12200-60J10 BC BRA 4 -

Mazworx SR20 86mm Stroke kit is designed with the do-it yourself-er in mind. This kit features a Balanced 86mm Nissan Crankshaft, your choice of rods (depending on hp level) and CP Pistons to your specs, also balanced by us at Mazworx.

Mazworx Oil Pan Baffle, VQ35DE
Price: $99.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11260 -

Prevents oil pump from being starved under hard launches. Recommended to use with our high capacity oil pan.

Mazworx Stage 2 4G63 Cylinder Head
Price: $2,319.00
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Item #: 6621 -

Here at Mazworx, we can build your cylinder head to your specifications. Utilizing our CNC capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that the machining process is done properly. If you want a cylinder head that is ready-to-bolt-on, see the specifications section for info. For more understanding of our process, see the additional information section.Each built head will start with the following:Hot Tank Cleaning:Wash your head to get oil and grim off.Sand Blast Head:Since...

Mazworx Engine Shipping Bracket Kit, SR20
Price: $84.99
Availability: In Stock
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Whether you are shipping and engine or want a nice display, this bracket kit will help you get there. Made from 3/16" mild steel, they are sturdy enough to handle a full weight long block. They have holes in the bottom to allow you to either screw it down to a piece of wood or bolt some casters to them. Hardware to mount them to the block is included. Brackets come unpainted.

Mazworx Throttle Body Flange, Mustang 82.5mm
Price: $45.00
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Mazworx Item #: 10203 -

Specifications: - Made T6061 billet aluminum - CNC machined - Tapped M8x1.25 - Has pocket for 4" tube - Outside dimensions are 4.4" x 4.4"

Mazworx S14 240SX 8.8 IRS Kit
Price: $495.00
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 12100 -

Introducing our strongest and most versatile rear end package for the 240sx chassis yet! By utilizing the abundant Ford 8.8 differential we've opened up the possibilities for an endless and affordable aftermarket. Whether you need a clutch type LSD or a locked spool for your build it is available, as are many different gear ratios to suit your needs exactly!Includes:Laser cut unwelded bracketsRear CoverSolid Aluminum Diff BushingsHardware Customer must use:07-10 Ford Explorer 8.8 Diff (comes...

Mazworx Billet SR20 Girdle
Price: $399.99
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Item #: 9210 -

With the dwindling availability of OEM SR20 parts we do what we do best and make a solution to the problem! Introducing our billet girdle for the SR20. This girdle replaces the factory one and can be used with standard or half inch main studs and comes pre notched to clear stroker kits and big aluminum rods.