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The Mazworx Stage 2 SR20 FWD NA Short Block. Built with the following components:

-CP 90mm 12.5:1CR Forged Pistons (Optional 14.5:1 92mm)
-Darton Dry Sleeves
-Manley H-Beam Connecting Rods 
-ACL Race Bearings
-New OEM VE Oil Pump 
-Mazworx Main Studs 
-Mazworx Front Oil Squirter
-Misc Plugs

Labor performed:

-Hot Tank/Clean
-Sand Blast Block
-Remove/Retap/Replace Oil Port Plugs
-Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs
-Sleeve Install
-Resize Cylinders
-Use Torque Plate During Honing
-Step Deck
-Resize Line Bore
-Oil Groove Machining, SR20 (If needed)
-Clean, Check, Polish, Balance Crank
-Assemble Short Block

Parts needed from customer (in good condition):

-Core Block/mains/girdle/oil squirters  (FWD Block)
-Core Crankshaft (4 or 8 counterweight)