About Us

Founded in 2004, Mazworx has worked to be on the cutting edge of product development and production. Our commitment to quality is backed by our extensive R&D and in-house production. From engine parts to engine blocks, our product line offers superior quality. Though we're best known for our innovations in the Nissan community, we have over a decade of experience with most performance platforms. We power some of the fastest cars in the world. From top contenders in Formula D to competitive Drag Race teams around the world.

Meet the team:

Mark Mazurowski
Kathy Mazurowski
Miguel (Neco)
Machinist/Engine Builder
Puerto Rico
Favorite car: 1970 Dodge Barracuda
Drag Racing for Ever!!

Engine Technician/Porting
Favorite car: 1970
Chevrolet Chevelle SS
Drag Racing
Jean Carlos (JC)
Engine Technician
Puerto Rico
Favorite car: 1994 Toyota
Drag Racing

Our team is made up of a talented group of individuals. Each of them has a commitment to performance and a passion for the industry. Everyone works hard to contribute nothing less than 100% to our winning team.

The Mazworx Product:

Our company has built a reputation for quality and innovation by constantly raising the bar on ourselves. We are always working to keep all of our design and production in-house. This allows us to control quality, cost and production. With our products evolving from a need or demand in the industry, we'll continue to manufacture the highest quality components in the business.

Mazworx Racing Engines:

Our motors have made us an internationally recognized brand. Tuners, Race Teams and individuals around the world run Mazworx Racing Engines. From the Billet SR20 Long Block to our Sleeved SR20 blocks, our motors power some of the most demanding applications. Each one completely in-house with no compromise of quality. We proudly offer an extensive selection of blocks and cylinder heads for both street and race applications.