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Freeze Plug, 16mm
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Item #: 00933-1161A -

Mazworx S-Chassis 8.8 Diff Conversion Axle Kit, Level 5
Price: $2,350.00
Availability: Built to Order 2-3
Item #: 12101 -

These axles work only with our 8.8 diff conversion.  The level 5 kit comes with 31 spline inners and 32 spline outers and is recommended for drag race or high HP applications. If changing to a spool, use a Strange unit. Spool will need additional machine work to fit.  Spool or LSD needs to be compatible with IRS axles.Customer must use:07-10 Ford Explorer 8.8 Diff w/ 31 spline spool or LSD (Use Strange Components)Q45 or Z32 TT rear hubs (32 spline) ...

Mazworx VG30DETT Billet Main Caps with Girdle, 4 Bolt Center Caps
Price: $1,099.00
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Mazworx Item #: 91110 -

Our VG30DETT Billet Main Caps and Girdles are machined from 4140 Chromoly Steel. Engine will need to be line bored/honed and also machining for the thrust washer once these are installed. We can provide these services if needed. Comes with ARP Bolts to attach girdles to main caps.This is our 4 bolt version.  Extra machining to the block will be necessary to fit these caps.  Only the center 2 caps are 4 bolt.  The bolts holding the girdle will go through the caps and thread...

Injector Dynamics ID2000
Price: $240.00
Availability: Special Order
Injector Dynamics Item #: 2000 -

Price is per injector. Select your size. The ID2000 has set the standard for linearity and control in a large injector. Flowing in excess of 2000cc/min at 3 bar, the ID2000 will also provide a smooth stoichiometric idle on E85, and it will do all this while maintaining strict linearity up to 95% duty cycle at 9000rpm.With a pressure capability of 9 bar this injector can flow as much as 3700cc/min with excellent low pulsewidth linearity, and has the broadest operating range of any injector on...

Injector Dynamics ID2600XDS
Price: $345.00
Availability: Special Order
Injector Dynamics Item #: 2600 -

Price is per injector. Select your size. The ID2600-XDS is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport.The ID2600-XDS was developed specifically for use with liquid fuels, featuring corrosion resistant internals, and long term compatibility with ethanol and methanol.The ID2600-XDS has the highest flow rate of any injector offered by Bosch, and flows 50% more than the ID1700x.The ID2600-XDS benefits from Dual Slope Matching, a method of matching the...

Injector Dynamics ID1700x
Price: $290.00
Availability: Special Order
Injector Dynamics Item #: 1700 -

Price is per injector. Select your size. The ID1700x is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport. The ID1700x was designed to fill the gap between the ID1300x and the ID2000, and like the ID1300x, it features corrosion resistant internals making it compatible with all known automotive fuels.A unique magnetic circuit, resulting from a lengthy development program, makes the ID1700x immune to voltage and pressure sensitivity problems that plague...

Injector Dynamics ID1300x²
Price: $225.00
Availability: Special Order
Injector Dynamics Item #: 1300 -

Price is per injector. Select your size. The ID1300x² is an all new injector, designed in partnership with Bosch Motorsport. This collaboration has given us the ability to design a high flow injector with characteristics specific to the needs of the motorsport tuner. The ID1300x² was designed with alternative fuels in mind, and was originally the only performance injector available with all stainless internals. It is compatible with all known fuels, and will stand up to the corrosive nature of...

Fuel Rail, Top Feed Conversion, Nissan SR20VE
Price: $208.95
Availability: Special Order
Radium Engineering Item #: 20-0331 -

This Radium Engineering fuel rail is a direct bolt-on with the Nissan SR20VE engines originally found in the following: JDM 97-00 Nissan U14 Bluebird SSS-ZJDM 97-00 Nissan U14 Wingroad ZV-SJDM 97-00 Nissan P11 Primera Te-VJDM 97-00 Nissan P11 Primera G-VManufactured with a large 0.69" internal bore, the fuel rail can support all necessary engine power requirements. The Radium fuel rail converts the OEM side feed fuel injector setup to top feed allowing the use of high flow 14mm O-ring fuel...

Freeze Plug, 30mm
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Mazworx Stage 1.5 Short Block - SR20VE FWD
Price: $3,399.00
Availability: Built to Order 3-4
Item #: SR20VE SB Stg 1.5 -

The Mazworx Stage 1.5 SR20VE FWD is built with the following components: -Proprietary, Mazworx Sleeving (Darton Sleeves) -CP 90mm 12.5:1 CR Forged Pistons -Manley H-Beam Rods -ACL Race Bearings -New VE Oil Pump -Mazworx Main Studs (Stud spacers or Girdle) -Mazworx Front Oil Squirter

2JZ-GTE Stage 3 Cylinder Head
Price: $5,188.86
Availability: Built to Order 3-4
Item #: 2JZ-GTE H Stg 3 -

Here at Mazworx, we can build your cylinder head to your specifications. Utilizing our CNC capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that the machining process is done properly. If you want a cylinder head that is ready-to-bolt-on, see the specifications section for info. For more understanding of our process, see the additional information section. Each built head will start with the following: Hot Tank Cleaning:Wash your head to get oil and grim off. Sand Blast Head:Since...

Upgraded Wrist Pin, .866" x 2.250" x .250"
Price: $37.50
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 866-2250-25CP3C -

Sold as each. CP Pistons Upgraded 9310 Steel Wrist Pins..866" Diameter2.250" Length.250" Wall Thickness