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RB26DETT Stage 2 Short Block
Price: $4,849.00
Availability: Built to Order 3-4
Item #: RB26 SB Stg 2 -

Our Stage 2 Short Block using your good virgin cores. We rate our Stage 2 Short Block up to about 1000hp. Each block is cleaned, inspected, machined and built, IN-HOUSE. The Mazworx Stage 2 RB26DETT is built with the following components: -CP 86.5mm 9.0:1 CR Forged Pistons w/ Upgraded Wristpins-Manley Turbo Tuff Rods-ACL Race Rod and Main Bearings-ARP Main Studs-Mazworx Threaded O-ring Plugs-Mazworx Threaded O-ring Freeze Plugs -Crank Collar (Optional, if using short nose crank) The labor...