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Racing experience has shown that the stock iron block usually only last up to 2000hp. It then splits vertically along the head studs. We have also seen the main caps get loose. To resolve this, we designed this billet block. This block is completely made in house at Mazworx.

It features the following:
- Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum
- Stock deck height only
- Uses 9/16"-1/2" L19 Head Studs and Main Studs.
- Mains use 1/2" studs.  Mains 2-6 also have a 3/8" side bolt (4-bolt)
- Tunnel will clear a 115mm stroke with aluminum rods
- Connection between the head stud and main stud stronger
- No water jackets keep the cylinder rounder
- -12an ORB main Oil Inlet
- Main Caps are 7075-T6 Aluminum
- Caps can be individually taken out for easier maintenance at the track
- Uses Darton Sleeves already installed, bored/honed, and receivered.
Right and left mounting holes match OEM block.
The block comes ready to assemble with the main caps and main stud kit.
Head stud kit optional.
Weight of block complete is 120 lbs.