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Denso Ignition Coil
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These coils work great in COP CDI coversions. Eliminate spark plug wires all together and have enough spark energy for over 800hp. Must use Denso Iridium plugs, these coils attach to the plug by pressing on to the top, they require a plug that the tip can unscrew from. The Denso Iridiums are the only ones we've found that work well and come in the necessary heat ranges for high hp motors.Works well on these engines:SR20VQ35B18/B16

Mazworx SR20 Hall Sensor Kit
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This is used when running a VVL head on a RWD block.  The wheel installs on the exhaust cam gear and the head has to be machined for the sensor. Mazworx Cam Wheel w/ rare earth magnets installed Hall Sensor Hall Sensor Harness Mazworx Cam Angle Sensor/Distributor block off plug (Choose Color) Dowel Pin