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SR20 Cylinder Head Bolt Kit
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Item #: 40100.1 -

Pinch bolts for the cylinder head.  These are the front 2 small bolts that clamp the head to the oil pump and the 2 small bolts on the exhaust side.For 52F and 65F head castings, select RWD. For all other, select FWD. If using a VE head on a RWD application, you will select FWD.

Mazworx/Artech SR20DET RWD Top Mount Turbo Kit, G25-550/660
Price: $4,499.00
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Mazworx Item #: 70015 -

Mazworx/Artech G25-550/660 Top Mount Turbo Kit. This kit is capable of making over 500whp!This kit does not fit the VE head properly. Features the following items : Artec Stainless Top Mount Turbo Manifold Garrett G25-550 Ball-Bearing Turbo (G25-660 Optional) Garret Stainless Steel Vband Exhaust Housing Tial MVR (44mm) Wastegate Wastegate Dumptube Mazworx 3" 2pc V-Band Downpipe Assembly Complete oil feed, oil drain, water stainless steel braided lines. Options4" Intake KitRoute...

Mazworx 3" Downpipe Assembly, Artec SR20 RWD Top Mount Exhaust Manifold G25-G35
Price: $599.00
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Mazworx Item #: 70110 -

Made from stainless steel mandrel bend tubing. Designed for our Mazworx SS Series Top Mount manifold using a Garrett G25-G35 turbo.  Full upper and lower downpipes.  3" 2 bolt exhaust flange at the end.  V-Band clamp for the exhaust housing sold separately (typically comes with the turbo).

Mazworx 44mm/MVR Wastegate Dumptube, 45 Degree
Price: $99.00
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Mazworx Item #: 70107 -

Made from 304 Stainless steel and Tial MVR wastegate flange.45 Degree bend with 6" leg.Fits Artec SR20 top mount turbo manifold with MVR wastegate in an S-chassis.

Artec Stainless SR20DET RWD Top Mount Turbo Manifold
Price: $1,210.00
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Artec Item #: ARTEC-SR20-TM-V-VB-G -

This manifolds accepts Garrett V-Band turbos and Tial MVR Wastegate.

Kelford Cams SR20VE 184-STK Turbo Racing Camshaft Set
Retail: $1,139.00
Price: $1,082.29
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Kelford Cams Item #: 184-STK -

290°/290° | 10.60mm/10.60mm Valve Lift Racing cams to suit 400-700hp turbocharged SR16VE/SR20VE engines. Suits turbo sizing 54-67mm. Centre lobe removed, large lobe profile on outer lobes to allow for VVL system to be removed for less valvetrain mass. These will make power to around 9k rpm. Great with E85. VVL Killers put the big cam on the outer lobes. Center lobe are machined off. Allows you to remove the VVL actuation. Only for race motors. ...

M7 x 1 Socket Head Cap Screw, Stainless Steel
Price: $12.00
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Mazworx Item #: SSH-7x1x -

These bolts are custom made in house for our Bosch DBW flanges and adapters.  50mm bolts are for the Bosch DBW Throttle Body without adapter.60mm bolts are for the Bosch DBW Throttle Body with adapter.

Baffle, Lower Oil Pan, SR20 RWD
Price: $15.00
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Mazworx Item #: 11183-65F00-MAZ -

Remote Oil Fitler Kit, Pro Street Billet SR20
Price: $299.00
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Mazworx. Item #: 30010 -

This kit is designed to work on Pro Street Billet SR20 Block and on an OEM RWD block using our Oil Filter Adapter.Filter mounts rear ward.  Comes with adapter to use oil filters with 3/4" (S13 SR20), 13/16" and 22mm threads.  Lines are -10an.

Competition Clutch Twin Disc, SRK
Price: $1,679.00
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Competition Clutch Item #: COMP-4-60442-C-880K -

The Competition Clutch twin disc provides the most economical racing clutch for the active sport compact enthusiast. This ceramic twin disc comes with a 4140 forged steel flywheel and a 6061 T6-aluminum cover complimented with a 6150 steel diaphragm.Specifically designed to fit our SRK adapter kit.Generic picture used.  Not actual product.

Mazworx SR20VE Fire Ring/Copper Head Gasket Kit
Price: $450.00
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Mazworx Item #: 30207 -

For high boost applications over 1000hp.Require groove in block to locate rings. Can be used on Wet and Dry Blocks.  Must use sealant if using on a wet block. Designed to use 16mm Dowels Up to 90mm bore 0.062" Thickness

Nissan SR20DET RWD Cam Angle Sensor Disc, 24-1
Price: $39.95
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AEM Item #: AEM-30-8760 -

AEM cam angle sensor discs are for use with aftermarket programmable engine management systems They are a direct replacement for the factory crank angle sensor disc in your Nissan. Before purchasing, be sure that the center of the AEM CAS disc looks exactly like the stock disc in your distributor. Be sure to match the hubs of your disc to the AEM Nissan CAS sensor disc before ordering.