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Kelford Cams SR20VE 184-T Turbo Drag Racing Camshaft Set 184-tk
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292/303 Degrees advertised duration, 11.40mm/11.40mm lift. Nissan SR20VE-T cams for high HP turbocharged engines for drag racing. Primary lobe specification is 260/260 Degrees advertised duration, 10.20mm/10.15mm lift.

Kelford Cams SR20VE 184-C All Motor Racing Camshaft Set
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Kelford Cams Item #: 184-C -

314/312 Degrees advertised duration, 12.50mm/11.80mm lift SR20VE Racing cams to suit well modified, high compression motors. Ideal for strokers and IR manifolds. Primary lobe specification is 252/248 Degrees advertised duration, 10.20mm8.30mm lift.