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Our Stage 1 Short Block is built from a brand 2JZ-GTE Block and Crankshaft from Toyota to ensure the highest of quality. We rate our Stage 1 Short Block up to about 675hp. Each block is cleaned, inspected, machined and built, IN-HOUSE.

If you're suffering from a lost ringland or bearing failure, this is an excellent solution for you.

The Mazworx Stage 1 2JZ-GTE is built with the following components:


-NEW OEM Forged 2JZ-GTE Crankshaft

-CP 86mm Forged Pistons

-Manley H Beam Connecting Rods

-ARP Main Studs

-ACL Race Rod and Main Bearings

The labor includes:

- Hot tank cleaning

- Remove, Retap, and Replace Oil Port Plugs

- Clean, Check, Polish, and Balance Crank

- Line Hone

-- Short Block Assembly