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4B11 Head, Stage 3
Price: $4,299.00
Availability: Build to Order
Mazworx Racing Engines Item #: 4B11 H STG 3C -

Labor:Disassemble HeadHot Tank/CleanRemove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port PlugsRemove/Machine for Thread Freeze PlugsStage 3 CNC Port and ChamberLine Bore Billet Cam CapRemove, Reinstall, Ream Valve GuidesReplace Intake Valve SeatsValve Job, Multi AngleSet Valve Lash, TipResurface HeadAssemble Head Parts:Supertech Intake Valves, +1mmSupertech Inconel Exhaust Valve, +1mmSupertech Titanium RetainersSupertech Dual Spring Kit, 85lbsSupertech Bronze Valve GuidesSupertech Valve Stem SealsBillet Cam...