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RB30 Block with RB26 Head
Stroked to 3.2 Liters

***Stage 3.2 AWD Short Block***

Disassemble Short Block
Hot Tank/Clean
Sand Blast/Paint Block, Iron
Machine for Threaded Oil Port Plugs
Machine for Threaded Freeze Plug
Machine for RB26 Head Studs
Machine RB26 Main Oil Groove
Install Billet Mains and Gridle
Convert Block to AWD
Resurface Block, Inline
Resize Cylinder w/ Torque Plate
Resize Line Bore
Clean, Check, Polish, Balance Crank
Assemble Short Block

CP Pistons, 86.25mm x 10:1 CR Heavy Duty
Upgraded Wrist Pins 9310, .250" Wall
Brian Crower Billet Crank, 90mm Stroke
Nitto Engineering Con Rods, 22mm Pin
ACL Race Bearings
ARP Main Studs, 12mm
Mazworx Billet Main Caps/AWD Gridle
Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Small Plugs
Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Freeze Plug Kit

***Stage 3 Head***

Sand Blast
Remove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port Plugs
Stage 3 CNC Port and Chamber
Cam Clearancing
Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs
Remove, Reinstall, Ream Valve Guides
Valve Job, Race
Set Valve Lash
Resurface Head
Assemble Head

Kelford Cams, 182-E 280/280
Kelford DLC Coated Cam Followers
Kelford RB26DETT Beehive Spring/Titanium Retianer Kit, 105lbs
Supertech Intake Valves, +1mm
Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valves, +1mm
Supertech Bronze Valve Guides
Supertech Titanium Retainers
Supertech Valve Seals
Ferrea Valve Locks
Mazworx Threaded Freeze Plugs
Misc Plugs

***Long Block***
ATI Super Damper
ARP Crank Bolt
Tomei Upgraded Oil Pump
Oil Pan Extension|
Hi-Octane 12 Tooth Crank Trigger
Gates Timing Belt
Apexi Head Gasket 88mm 1.2mm
Kelford Adjustable Cam Gears
OEM Water Pump
ARP CA625+ Head Studs
OEM Timing Belt Pulleys
Powder Coat Valve Cover and Timing Cover
Mazworx Bolt Kit
Break In Oil and Filter
Spun and Primed

Customer Supplies:
RB30 Block
RB26 Long Block