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SR20DET RWD Long Block Stage 0.8
Price: $7,879.00
Availability: Special Order

Basic full performance rebuild of your SR20 long block.  Everything is refurbished and/or replaced with upgraded parts.  This motor is rated up to 400hp.  Before delivery, the motor is spun and primed with break in oil. Stage 1.1 Short Block Labor:Hot Tank/CleanSand Blast BlockRemove/Retap/Replace Oil Port PlugsMachine for Threaded Freeze PlugsResize CylindersUse Torque Plate During HoningResurface DeckHone Line BoreOil Groove Machining, SR20Clean, Check, Polish, Balance...

SR20VE RWD Pro Street Billet Stage 3.5 Long Block
Price: $29,999.00
Availability: Special Order

High Response Drift, Pro Street Billet Stage 3 Short Block Labor:Hot Tank/CleanResize CylindersUse Torque Plate During HoningHone Line BoreBalance CrankAssemble Short Block Parts:Mazworx SR20VE RWD Pro Street Billet BlockCP Pistons, 89mm 11:1 CR, Upgraded Wrist Pins .200" WallCarillo Rods, CARR BoltCalico Coated ACL Race BearingsOil Pump, SR20VE Stage 3 HRD Cylinder HeadHigh Response Work:Disassemble HeadHot Tank/CleanRemove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port Plugs, SR HeadRemove/Replace Freeze Plugs,...

VQ35DE Stage 1 Turbo Long Block
Price: $10,779.00
Availability: Made to Order
Item #: VQ25DE LB STG 1 -

Our VQ35DE Stage 1 Turbo Long Block is designed to handle up to 650hp reliably.  Below is the specs we build this engine to. Stage 1 Short Block Labor:Disassemble Short BlockHot Tank/CleanSand Blast BlockResurface Block, VResize Cylinder w/ Torque PlateHone Line BoreBalance Crank with BobweightsAssemble Short Block Parts:Diamond Racing Pistons, 96mm 9.5:1 CRManley H-Beam Connecting RodsACL Race BearingsARP Main StudsMisc Plugs/Dowels Stage 1 Heads Labor:Remove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port...