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Mazworx SR20 Billet Front Cover for Dry Sump
Price: $499.00
Availability: Back Order
Mazworx Item #: 13500-SR20DS -

Billet front cover for dry sump systems only.  Fits all blocks but specifically made for the VE head.  Must be machined to match deck surface.  Adjustable timing pointers coming soon.

SR20VE Stage 4 Pro Drag Cylinder Head Turbo
Price: $6,999.00
Availability: Build to Order
Mazworx Racing Engines Item #: SR20VE H Stg 4 PD -

This is the head we using on our Pro Drag SR20. Here at Mazworx, we can build your cylinder head to your specifications. Utilizing our CNC capabilities and state-of-the-art equipment, you can ensure that the machining process is done properly. If you want a cylinder head that is ready-to-bolt-on, see the specifications section for info. For more understanding of our process, see the additional information section. Each built head will start with the following: Hot Tank Cleaning:Wash your head...

SR20 Pro Drag Pistons and Rods
Price: $2,999.00
Availability: Special Order
Mazworx Item #: SR20 PD PR -

This is the piston, wrist pin, and rod combination we use in our Pro Drag SR20.  Custom Heavy Duty CP 90mm pistons made for a SR20VE head with wrist pin buttons and PVD coated rings.  Trend DLC Coated TP1 series wrist pins with an increased size are the best out there.  Lastly, R&R Aluminum connecting rods specifically designed for our heavy duty application.Comes as a complete set of 4.

Mazworx SR20 Billet Race Crankshaft
Price: $2,499.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 100006 -

This is the crankshaft we use in our Pro Drag SR20 engines making over 2000+hp.  This crank was specifically designed for this application for strength and durability.  The factory stroke allows us to have a better rod ratio for reduced piston scuffing at high boost and a larger connecting rod for strength.  We also implemented the direct oil holes for the connecting rods.  With increased boost comes increase vibrations in a 4 cylinder.  So we increased the flywheel...

Injector Dynamics ID2600XDS
Price: $362.25
Availability: Special Order
Injector Dynamics Item #: 2600 -

Price is per injector. Select your size. The ID2600-XDS is the most recent offering from the partnership of Injector Dynamics and Bosch Motorsport.The ID2600-XDS was developed specifically for use with liquid fuels, featuring corrosion resistant internals, and long term compatibility with ethanol and methanol.The ID2600-XDS has the highest flow rate of any injector offered by Bosch, and flows 50% more than the ID1700x.The ID2600-XDS benefits from Dual Slope Matching, a method of matching the...

Ross 90mm Throttle Body
Price: $359.00
Availability: Special Order
Item #: RMR-115-ASSY -

Ross Machine Racing 90mm throttle body.  This fits our intake manifold with 90mm throttle body flange.  Comes 3 different ways of coupling to piping.  Second picture shows mounted out our intake manifold with 4" hose option.  Throttle Position sensor is optional.

Mazworx Billet SR20VE Race Intake Manifold Assembly for 12 Injectors
Price: $1,600.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 11198 -

Set up to run 3 injectors per cylinder. Equal length runners and large plenum for optimum air flow. 90mm throttle body inlet and also includes Vacuum port provisions. Also includes 2 Mazworx top feed fuel rail -10an in/out and the installation hardware.Fits 14mm x 60mm injectors. Overall size 17.5" L - 10" W

Mazworx SR20 Pro Drag Copper Head Gasket
Price: $155.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: SR20-.062 -

91mm Head Gasket Bore Size without Water passages.For use with VE headsRequire o-ring machining.062" Thick1/2" head studs and 16mm dowels

Mazworx SR20 Timing Chain Kit SR20, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR20VVL, 20V, P11, P12, S13, S14, S15, B13, B14, Pulsar, GTiR, FWD, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, NeoVVL
Price: $445.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx. Item #: TCK-SRU -

Complete Timing Chain kit for the Nissan SR20. This kit uses Mazworx and OEM components for superior quality and reliability. We use this exact same kit in our engine builds.  Comes standard with the Mazworx timing chain squirter. ...

Tomei SR20 Adjustable Cam Gear
Price: $120.00
Availability: Back Order
Tomei Item #: TA302A-NS08A -

When you need to fine tune your engine for extracting it's optimum potential, our adjustable timing pulley gears are made from the best material to last and to keep your settings the same as when they were set in the 1st place. *Price is per cam gear*

Mazworx/ATI SR20 RWD Drag Race Damper harmonic, damper, balancer
Price: $599.00
Availability: Back Order
Mazworx Item #: 917020 SR -

Mainly used in drag racing high rpm applications. For racing applications only. It does not have provisions for pulleys. This damper utilizes an ATI 7" Race damper attached by a custom hub.  This is for dry sump applications only as the custom hub takes up the space of oil pump collar.  By doing so, this allows more hub engagement on the crank.  At high boost and high rpm, 4 cylinders vibrate tremendously.  This setup reduces the vibrations.Our dry sump hub does bolt to the...

Mazworx SR RWD Dry Sump Kit
Price: $4,199.00
Availability: Built to Order 1-2
Mazworx. Item #: 30100 -

The use of a wet or dry sump oiling system is often determined by the level of competition and the racers budget. A wet sump system is based on the OE oiling system and can be enhanced by certain components to improve oil control and increase power. A dry sump system is designed for the top levels of racing where maximum power and oil control are absolutely essential. Here are several advantages of dry sump over oil sump setups: - Because a dry sump does not need to have an oil pan big enough...