• SR20DET RWD Long Block Stage 0.8 - SR20DET LB STG 0.8
  • SR20DET RWD Long Block Stage 0.8 - SR20DET LB STG 0.8
  • SR20DET RWD Long Block Stage 0.8 - SR20DET LB STG 0.8
Price: $9,999.00
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Basic full performance rebuild of your SR20 long block.  Everything is refurbished and/or replaced with upgraded parts.  This motor is rated up to 400hp.  Before delivery, the motor is spun and primed with break in oil.

Stage 1.1 Short Block
Hot Tank/Clean
Sand Blast Block
Remove/Retap/Replace Oil Port Plugs
Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs
Resize Cylinders
Use Torque Plate During Honing
Resurface Deck
Hone Line Bore
Oil Groove Machining, SR20
Clean, Check, Polish, Balance Crank
Assemble Short Block

CP Pistons 86.5mm 9.0:1 CR
Manley H-Beam Rods
ACL Race Bearings
Oil Pump, SR20DET S14
Mazworx SR20 Main Stud Kit
Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Freeze Plug Kit
Mazworx Front Oil Squirter, SR20
Mazworx Billet Breather Adapter
Mazworx Billet Water Pipe (Plug or -10an)
Misc Plugs

Stage 0.5 Cylinder Head
Hot Tank/Clean
Sand Blast Head
Remove/Retap/Replace Oil Port Plugs
Remove/Replace Freeze Plugs
Remove/Replace/Ream Valve Guides
Multiangle Race Valve Job
Resurface Head
Set Rocker Level

Supertech Intake Valves, Std Size
Supertech Iconel Exhaust Valve, Std Size
Supertech Titanium Retainers
Supertech Single Spring Kit, 68lbs
Supertech Bronze Valve Guides
Supertech Valve Stem Seals
Misc Plugs/Freeze Plugs
Kelford Camshaft Set (HLA 188-A), 260/266, Intake/Exhaust

Long Block

Assemble Long Block
Spin/Prime, Check Oil Flow/Pressure

Mazworx/Apexi Full Grommet Head Gasket 88mm x 1.2mm
ATI SR20 RWD Street Damper
Timing Chain Kit
Mazworx Timing Chain Tensioner
Mazwox SR20 Engine Bolt Kit
Kelford Adjustable Cam Gears (S14/S15 will get 1 Kelford and 1 OEM VTC)
Greddy High Capacity Oil Pan
Valve Cover Powdercoating/Service
Mazworx Valve Cover Washer Kit
Misc Seals/Gaskets

Core SR20DET RWD Long Block

New rocker arms are not included in price.  Your core parts will be evaluated upon disassembly.