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High Response Drift, Pro Street Billet

Stage 3 Short Block

Hot Tank/Clean
Resize Cylinders
Use Torque Plate During Honing
Hone Line Bore
Balance Crank
Assemble Short Block

Mazworx SR20VE RWD Pro Street Billet Block
CP Pistons, 89mm 10:1 CR, Upgraded Wrist Pins .250" Wall
Carillo Rods, CARR Bolt
Calico Coated ACL Race Bearings
Oil Pump, SR20VE

Stage 3 HRD Cylinder Head
High Response

Disassemble Head
Hot Tank/Clean
Remove/Drill/Tap/Replace Oil Port Plugs, SR Head
Remove/Replace Freeze Plugs, SR20VE Head, Threaded (Ex 16mm Std)
Stage 3 CNC Port and Chamber
Remove, Reinstall, Ream Valve Guides
Valve Job, Multi Angle
Set Valve Lash, Tip
Resurface Head
Assemble Head

Core SR20VE Head
Supertech Nissan 6mm Intake/Exhaust Valve Stem Seals
Supertech Titanium Retainers, SR20
Supertech Dual Valve Spring, SR20VE, 83lbs
Supertech Nissan 6mm Intake/Exhaust Valve Guides
Mazworx SR20VE Turbo Shimless Valve Set, +1mm Intake +2mm Exhaust
Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Freeze Plug Kit, Head, SR20VE
Kelford Racing Cams, SR20VE, Rally Spec, VVL Killer, 228/232

Long Block

Assemble Long Block

Mazworx/Power Enterprise Full Grommet Headgasket 90mm x 1.5mm
Mazworx/ATI SR20 RWD Street Damper with 60-2 Trigger Wheel
Mazworx SR20 Crank/Cam Sensor Kit
Timing Chain Kit
Mazworx Timing Chain Tensioner
Mazworx SR20VE RWD Billet Oil Pump Pickup
Mazwox SR20 Engine Bolt Kit, RWD Block with VVL Head
Kelford Adjustable Cam Gears
Greddy High Capacity Oil Pan
Mazworx Billet Valve Cover
Mazworx Billet Water Necks (Thermo or no-Thermo)
Misc Seals/Gaskets
Misc Core parts
Remote Oil Filter Housing

Mazworx SR20VE Intake Manifold, RWD, 4 Injector, Black
Ross 75mm Throttle Body

Garrett G30-770 Turbo
Tial MVR Wastegate
Mazworx Top Mount Turbo Manifold
Mazworx Turbo Oil/Water Lines
Mazworx Topmount Downpipe and Dumptube (Route in Downpipe Optional)

Shipping Brackets

No Cores Needed