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Mazworx SR20 Crank/Cam Sensor Kit
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Mazworx Item #: 10302 -

If you want the highest level of timing accuracy, a 60-2 crank trigger gives that to you.  Completely relying on the cam for timing introduces error.  We developed this kit from the race team because we needed the most precise timing when making 2000+hp.   This kit uses a 60-2 reference trigger on the crank and a single pickup on the exhaust cam for sync.  We accomplish this by providing an outer shell for the ATI pulley that has the 60-2 teeth integrated in it. ...

Speedo Recalibrator
Price: $90.00
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Item #: SGI-5E -

Changes affect your speedometer. These units will handle nearly all of your signal conversion and calibration issues after changing rear end gears, tire sizes, or drivetrain changes. They can recalibrate 2K pulses per mile (ppm) through 250K pulses per mile speedometer pulse rates. Plus, these units provide greater flexibility by allowing multiplication up to 16 times, taking an 8,000 ppm signal and converting to a 128,000ppm output. They include a regulated 5V sensor output and the push-in...

VQ35DE Hall Sensor Kit
Price: $449.00
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Item #: 10310 -

This kit allows you to use any stand alone ECU to run a VQ35DE. It eliminates the flywheel sensor on the oil pan and no need to use the rear cam sensors. Comes with a dual pole hall effect sensor. magnetic pickup wheel and harness. Billet covers are also included. Must us the intake cam gear locks.

Throttle Position Sensor Ford Style
Price: $49.99
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Item #: SS10426 -

Denso Ignition Coil
Price: $60.00
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Item #: 183.3 -

These coils work great in COP CDI coversions. Eliminate spark plug wires all together and have enough spark energy for over 800hp. Must use Denso Iridium plugs, these coils attach to the plug by pressing on to the top, they require a plug that the tip can unscrew from. The Denso Iridiums are the only ones we've found that work well and come in the necessary heat ranges for high hp motors.Works well on these engines:SR20VQ35B18/B16

Mazworx SR20 Hall Sensor Kit
Price: $449.00
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Mazworx Item #: 10300 -

This is used when running a VVL head on a RWD block.  The wheel installs on the exhaust cam gear and the head has to be machined for the sensor.Mazworx Cam Wheel w/ rare earth magnets installedHall SensorHall Sensor HarnessMazworx Cam Angle Sensor/Distributor block off plugDowel Pin