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Mazworx SR20 Engine Hoist Brackets
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These engine hoist hooks are made to bolt on to existing points on your cylinder head to evenly distribute weight when removing the motor out of your car.

Mazworx SR20 Cam Timing Tool SR20, SR20DET, SR20VE, SR20VVL, 20V, P11, P12, S13, S14, S15, B13, B14, Pulsar, GTiR, FWD, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, NeoVVL, Kouki, Zenki, Sunny
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Cut from 1/8" aluminum, this tool is great in help setting your cam timing. Just align the marks on the tool with the cam gear and install the chain. Perfect tool when installing new cams or head gasket.

Mazworx SR20 Torque Plate
Price: $495.00
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Mazworx Item #: 10170 -

Torque plates preload the block to simulate a cylinder head installed. This allows the cylinder to be honed for better ring seal. A must have when you have sleeves installed. Includes provisions for standard headstuds or 1/2" headstuds and up to 90mm bore.