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The next step to our Stage 2 SR20 Short Block, includes a 91mm Stroker rotating assembly. We rate this short block to 800hp

The Mazworx Stage 3 SR20RWD is built with the following:

Disassemble Short Block
Hot Tank/Clean
Sand Blast Block
Remove/Retap/Replace Oil Port Plugs
Machine for Threaded Freeze Plugs
Plug RWD Oil Drain
Machine for 1/2" Studs
Sleeve Install
Resize Cylinders
Use Torque Plate During Honing
Step Deck
Resize Line Bore
Oil Groove Machining, SR20
19mm Rod Bearings Machining
Clean, Check, Polish, Balance Crank
Assemble Short Block

CP Pistons, 90mm 9:1 CR (can change), Upgraded Wrist Pins .200" Wall
Manley Turbo Tuff Rods
Mazworx Billet 91mm Stroker Crank
Darton Sleeves
Calico Coated ACL Race Bearings
Oil Pump, SR20VE
Mazworx Billet Main Caps
Mazworx Billet Girdle
Mazworx Main Stud Kit
Mazworx Threaded/Oringed Freeze Plug Kit
Mazworx Front Oil Squirter, SR20
Billlet Breather Adapter
Misc Plugs

Customer Supplies:
Core Block