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If you want make over 1000hp on the street, this is the short block for you.  Pistons Compression Ratio can be tailor for your application.  

89mm Bore x 91mm Stroke
10:1 CR

Hot Tank/Clean
Oil Pump Decked
Hone/Resize Cylinders
Use Torque Plate During Honing
Hone Line Bore
Balanced Crankshaft
Assemble Short Block

Mazworx Pro Street Billet SR20VE Block, RWD
Oil Pump, SR20VE
Mazworx Spec CP Heavy Duty Pistons w/ Upgraded Wrist Pins
Carrillo Connecting Rods, SR20, Pro-H 7/16" CARR Bolts, Heavy Duty
Mazworx Billet 91m Stroker Crankshaft
ACL Race Bearing Set