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Mazworx S14 240SX 8.8 IRS Kit
Price: $495.00
Availability: Special Order
Item #: 12100 -

Introducing our strongest and most versatile rear end package for the 240sx chassis yet! By utilizing the abundant Ford 8.8 differential we've opened up the possibilities for an endless and affordable aftermarket. Whether you need a clutch type LSD or a locked spool for your build it is available, as are many different gear ratios to suit your needs exactly!Includes:Laser cut unwelded bracketsRear CoverSolid Aluminum Diff BushingsHardware Customer must use:07-10 Ford Explorer 8.8 Diff (comes...

Mazworx Billet SR20 Girdle
Price: $399.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 9210 -

With the dwindling availability of OEM SR20 parts we do what we do best and make a solution to the problem! Introducing our billet girdle for the SR20. This girdle replaces the factory one and can be used with standard or half inch main studs and comes pre notched to clear stroker kits and big aluminum rods.

VQ35DE Intake Camshaft Gear Covers
Price: $149.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 11252 -

These covers eliminate the stock covers. Made from 6061 billet aluminum. Comes with stainless steel hardware. Has an oring grooved machined into it so no silicone is required. Requires you to use the intake cam locks. Will not fit with the stock VTC intake cam gears.

VQ35DE Intake Camshaft Lock Kit
Price: $249.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 11250 -

These locks allow you to eliminate the factory VTC. They are machine from billet steel and coat in zinc black. The attachement holes are slotted, allowing you to adjust the intake cam gear +- 10 degrees.

VQ35DE Hall Sensor Kit
Price: $449.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 10310 -

This kit allows you to use any stand alone ECU to run a VQ35DE. It eliminates the flywheel sensor on the oil pan and no need to use the rear cam sensors. Comes with a dual pole hall effect sensor. magnetic pickup wheel and harness. Billet covers are also included. Must us the intake cam gear locks.

Mazworx SR20 Top Mount Manifold and Precision Turbo Combo
Retail: $2,184.99
Price: $1,899.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 95735A425 x4 70001 T3 70200 PTE 505- -

Mazworx's Top Mount Turbo and Manifold Combo. This setup is capable of making over 500whp! Features the following items : Mazworx SS Series Top Mount Manifold Precision Turbo SP Cover CEA Billet

Mazworx Sticker Pack
Price: $5.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: MAZ SP -

Wanna show everyone where you buy your go fast parts? Then grab a sticker pack!

Mazworx Ported 2JZ Oil Pump
Price: $375.00
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 15100-46052 P -

High performance engines require a high performance oil system in order to keep everything cool and lubricated under the stress of making big power. By porting a brand new factory Toyota pump and replacing the freeze plugs with serviceable NPT plugs we can provide you with a high flow, quality pump ready for life on your street or race engine.

SR20DET/VE Exhaust Flange (1-1/4" Pocket)
Price: $45.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 965525 -

Specifications: - Made from 1/2" thick 1018 cold rolled steel - CNC machined - Stepped to accept 1 1/4" sch. 10 pipe- Better fit for a Twin Scroll Manifold setup Made in the USA.

Mazworx SR-K Series FWD Transmission Adapter Kit
Price: $529.99
Availability: Back Order
Item #: 10140 -

Tired or breaking your stock SR transmission and don't want to do a hard to piece together 6 speed swap? We now offer the Mazworx SRK FWD Transmission Adapter Kit which allows you to use the widely popular K series Honda transmission on DE/VE SR20 blocks. This conversion is excellent for high powered street cars and race cars because of the vast aftermarket available for the Honda K series transmissions. No longer will you be limited to factory spec transmissions, you can finally put a race...

Mazworx SR20 Billet Main Caps
Price: $449.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 91101 -

Add strength to your SR block with our SR20 Billet Main Caps. Caps are machined from pure 4140 chromoly steel. New Mazworx SR20 Billet Main caps accept standard size main studs. The Block does not need to be machined to accept 1/2" main studs. A line bore/hone will be needed once these are installed.

Mazworx Spec Valve Cover Gasket Kit
Price: $179.99
Availability: In Stock
Item #: MAZ VC K -

This kit includes everything we'd recommend swapping out during a valve cover gasket change. The brand new OEM Nissan gaskets are accompanied by our valve cover hardware which completely replaces the factory stud, nut, and washer for a cleaner look as well as our billet tensioner which adds functional bling to your engine bay by making sure your timing components always stay taught regardless of oil pressure and looks great doing it.