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Cosworth Head Gasket,  VQ35DE, 100mm x 0.6mm
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Item #: 20000906 -

We just got a big shipment of these in and we're selling them at blow out pricing! Get them while they last!

Mazworx SR20VET Copper Head Gasket
Price: $155.00
Availability: Special Order

91mm Bore Size without Water passages.

Mazworx 90mm SR20 Head Gasket
Price: $260.00
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Mazworx Item #: PWR SR20 -

Our race proven 90mm SR20 headgasket. This is a full grommet type head gasket that provides superior head to block sealing. Using a moribdenum bonding prevents scrubbing during heat expansion. NBR nitrile pre-production coating allows better oil/water sealing on a rough surface. We have tested this gasket with over 60psi of boost making over 1300whp with no issues. Pair this up with our custom step decking on the block for bulletproof sealing.1.5mm Thick

Tomei SR20DET Metal Head Gasket
Price: $120.00
Availability: Special Order
Tomei Item #: TMHGSR -

Tomei head gaskets are a super grommet type construction. The bore size listed is the actual bore of the gasket. Choose a size larger than your cylinder bore but as close as possible. i.e. 86.0 or 86.5 should use an 87 gasket.

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Nissan Item #: SRHGVET -

Here is a OEM SR20VET Metal Head Gasket. 1.1mm thickness. We offer these in a variety of bore sizes.

Apexi SR20DET Metal Head Gasket SR20, SR20DET, S13, S14, S15, RWD, 240SX, 200SX, 180SX, Silvia, Kouki, Zenki
Price: $249.00
Availability: Special Order

The A'PEXi metal headgaskets provide upgraded protection on high horsepower engines. Factory headgaskets cannot withstand the pressures of high output operation and often cause the engine to "blow." This condition is actually caused by a failure in the factory headgasket. A'PEXi recommends replacing the factory headgasket with a metal one before gasket failure causes more damage to the engine. The gaskets are all designed engine specific and provide a complete and secure seal A'PEXi labels...