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    This bell housing allows you to adapter a VQ trans (DE, HR, and VHR) on a 1JZ or 2JZ engine.  Since the JZ engine is a popular swap, we've developed this bell housing to allow you to put the clutch slave on either side.  So depending on your chassis clutch lines, you can mount it on the right or left of the bell housing.  The clutch release assembly (pivot ball, fork, slave, and bearing housing) will be from a early 350Z trans.  There is also provisions for mounting a Tilton hydraulic release bearing.  All clutch combinations have not been tested.  Below is the combination we used for design.

    Competition Clutch:
    Clutch Disc (99703-2100)
    Pressure Plate (3-797)
    Flywheel (2-607-2ST)

    Kit Comes with:
    JZVQ Bell Housing
    Pilot Bearing Adapter w/ Roller Bearing
    Front Cover Gasket
    Hardware Kit

    Video of the mounting the SRVQ bell housing which would be the same:
    SRVQ Transmission Modification Tutorial