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SR20 Block Turbo Oil Feed Plug
Price: $10.99
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Vibrant Item #: VIB-16668 -

Plug for the SR20 oil feed. 

SR20VE RWD Long Block Stage 1.5SLT
Price: $14,499.00
Availability: Build to Order
Mazworx Racing Engines Item #: SR20VE LB STG 1.5SLT -

This is our entry level RWD VVL converted long block setup for Daily/Street use. Everything is refurbished and/or replaced with upgraded parts. The head is setup with shimless valves and mild 184-LT cams.  This motor is rated up to 600hp. Before delivery, the motor is spun and primed with break in oil.P12 (8H6) head will get the external oil line.  P11 (1N5) heads will get the single solenoid conversion kit.Shown with optional billet valve cover.  Stage 2.3V Short...

VVL External Oil Feed Line Kit
Price: $44.99
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Mazworx Item #: 11187 -

When installing a VVL head on a non-VVL block and still utilizing the factory solenoid block, then you will need to feed the head externally with oil.  This is typically done when using a P12 (8H6) head on a RWD application or on FWD/AWD configurations. It's best to pull the factory ball bearing from the rear of the head and tap it 1/8"NPT to feed oil.  You will also need to tap the original feed hole on the deck of the head 1/8"NPT.  Make sure the plug will be slightly below...

Mazworx SR20 Cam Gear Bolt VVL Cam Trigger
Price: $24.99
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Mazworx Item #: 13012-2J200-ECT -

Mazworx 4140 heat treated Chromoly bolt with black zinc coating. This bolt was designed for the exhaust cam gear when using the Mazworx VVL cam trigger wheel. 

Mazworx SR20 Cam Gear Bolt
Price: $24.99
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 13012-2J200-MAZ -

Mazworx 4140 heat treated Chromoly bolt with black zinc coating. This bolt was designed to replace the OEM cam gear bolt for non-VTC intake and FWD/AWD exhaust cam bolt without the Mazworx cam trigger kit. 

Nissan OEM Water Pump S14/S15 SR20
Price: $92.99
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Nissan Item #: 21010-65F27 -

OEM water pump replacement 

R&R Connecting Rods, SR20, +.100" Longer
Price: $1,199.00
Availability: Back Order

Solid beam billet aluminum connecting rods for the SR20.  Made to use the 19mm bearing.  L19 rod bolts.  For drag racing only. These rods are 0.100" longer center to center.  Will not work on factory height pistons.Sold as a set of 4.

Oring, Oil Pump to Block 150664J600,15066-4J600,1506677A00,15066-77A00
Price: $0.25
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Mazworx Item #: OR-016BN -

Mazworx SR20VE Main Stud Kit (w/o Girdle)
Price: $149.99
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Mazworx Item #: 11003 -

these studs are for N/A applications for the VE, and DE. no need for spacers. 

Bosch 82MM DBW throttle body
Price: $219.99
Availability: Back Order
Item #: BOS0280750473 -

82mm DBW throttle body with a "drilled" option that works with Mazworx intake manifolds, weld flanges, and throttle body adapter kits. 

Bosch 82MM DBW throttle body weld flange
Price: $45.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10204 -

Billet aluminum flange to bolt a Bosch DBW 82mm throttle body to a 4" tube.  This flange is made with M7x1 threads (instead of the M6x1 threads normally) and will require you to slightly drill out the bolt holes in your throttle body for the larger bolts.  This larger bolt ensures the throttle body is secure under boosted applications. We offer the correct bolts which are custom made in house out of Stainless Steel as an option.Oring is included.

82mm Bosch DBW Throttle Body Adapter
Price: $159.99
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Mazworx Item #: 10206 -

This throttle body adapter is used to mate a 3" Vibrant HD clamp to a Bosch 82mm throttle body using M7x1 hardware. A great addition to your Mazworx intake manifold or custom project. (options for pre drilled throttle body and M7 throttle body flange)   Designed to fit this style Bosch throttle body.Bosch 82mm DBW TB ...