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VVL Solenoid Relocation Blocks Oring Kit
Price: $5.00
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Mazworx Item #: 10183.ORING -

Oring kit for our legacy VVL Solenoid Relocation Blocks

Hall Sensor
Price: $209.00
Availability: Back Order
Motec Item #: HS230 -

Motec Hall Sensor used for the cam trigger on our SR20RWD 60-2 and SR20FWD 36-2 kits.Documentation

Magnetic Sensor
Price: $179.00
Availability: Back Order
Motec Item #: 4-APX-001 -

Motec Magnetic Sensor used for the crank trigger on our SR20RWD 60-2 and SR20FWD 36-2 kits.Documentation

Mazworx SR-K Series FWD Transmission Adapter Kit, No Axle Bracket
Price: $439.99
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Mazworx Item #: 10140.10 -

Tired or breaking your stock SR transmission and don't want to do a hard to piece together 6 speed swap? We now offer the Mazworx SRK FWD Transmission Adapter Kit which allows you to use the widely popular K series Honda transmission on SR20 blocks. This conversion is excellent for high powered street cars and race cars because of the vast aftermarket available for the Honda K series transmissions. No longer will you be limited to factory spec transmissions, you can finally put a race...

SRVQ Bell Housing to Trans Bolt Kit
Price: $15.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10145.21 -

Bolt kit for our SRVQ to mount to the engine block

Mazworx SR20 Crank Pulley Bolt
Price: $49.99
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Mazworx Item #: 12309-SR20 -

Made it house out of 4140 Heat Treated Chrome Moly with a Black Zinc coating.  The classic crank pulley bolt has a separate washer.  The P12 SR20VE started  coming as a bolt with integrated washer.  So we developed ours off the integrated as a flanged bolt. (torque to 140ftlbs.)  

VQ37VHR Head Gasket Set
Price: $283.50
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Item #: BC8226 -

BC Made In Japan Head Gaskets - Nissan VQ37VHR - 98mm Bore

SR20VE FWD Long Block Stage 3.5 NA
Price: $14,999.00
Availability: Build to Order
Mazworx Racing Engines Item #: SR20VE FWD LB STG 3.5NA -

2.4ltr Drag NA92mm x 92mmStage 4V Short Block, FWD VE Labor:Disassemble Short BlockHot Tank/CleanSand Blast BlockRemove/Retap/Replace Oil Port PlugsMachine for Threaded Freeze PlugsSleeve InstallResize CylindersUse Torque Plate During HoningStep DeckResize Line BoreClean, Check, Polish, Balance CrankAssemble Short Block Parts: Custom X-Forged Lightweigh CP Pistons, 92mm 14.5:1 CRR&R Alum Rods (Increased Length)ACL Race BearingsOil Pump, SR20VEDarton Dry SleevesMazworx SR20 Main Stud KitMazworx...

SR20VE FWD 36-2 Crank/Cam Sensor Kit
Price: $1,073.99
Availability: Built to Order 1
Mazworx Item #: 10304 -

If you want the highest level of timing accuracy, a 60-2 crank trigger gives that to you. Completely relying on the cam for timing introduces error. We developed this kit from the race team because we needed the most precise timing when making 2000+hp. The location we select to cut the teeth on the FWD pulley has a small diameter.  So the next best option is a 36-2 pattern.  This is still far superior compared to the CAS on the exhaust cam and still give very good resolution. This...

Supertech Intake Valve Guide, SR20
Price: $7.00
Availability: Back Order
Supertech Item #: GDE-NSR6-I -

These fit all SR20 heads except the 8H6.  Sold as each. Supertech Valve Guides are precision-machined from high quality Manganese Bronze material. Supertech Valve Guides are designed to be used in combination with Supertech low friction black nitrided valves to provide the best solution for both performance and durability.

VQ Trans Adapter Ring, VHR
Price: $15.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 10145.6 -

These rings are used with our VQ adaper bell housings.  Our bell housings are machine to fit the VQ35DE transmission input shaft bearing.  As the transmissions became newer models, the input shaft bearing became smaller.  So we make these rings so our bell housings will work with the new transmissions too.  If you are not sure which trans you have, you can measure the input shaft bearing.  Here's some sizes: Car              ...

Front Oil Squirter Install Tools, SR20
Price: $15.00
Availability: In Stock
Mazworx Item #: 13081.1 -

Necessary tools to install our SR20 OIl Squirter. Comes with:DrillTap, M7x1